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This has been a year of many things, but for me here at Kitten School I’d say 2022 has been the Year of Ringworm! I have taken in multiple fosters infected with this pervasive fungal infection that causes hair loss and itchy skin lesions. Treating cats with ringworm is pretty low tech and there are lots of safe and easy ways to get rid of it at home without having to see a vet, but having the right products is crucial for a fast, complete recovery. The main ingredient for ringworm treatments include lime sulfur solution, a naturally occurring element that has been used for thousands of years to treat skin infections. Talk about old school! But when used properly, the stuff really works.

After seeing one of my recent videos of a foster with ringworm, the kind folks at Healthy Paw Life sent me a box of their ringworm treatment products – and it arrived just in time. One of my newest fosters, 3-month old Bandita, had arrived to Kitten School showing those tell-tale round hairless spots. A quick check under a black light revealed glowing ringworm lesions. UGH. Not again! I just went through this! I knew I had to act fast to treat Bandita and prevent further spreading of this sneaky fungus.

Using the Healthy Paw Life products – lime sulfur dip, shampoo, and spot treatment cream – I was able to clear Bandita up in just over two weeks. I LOVE the cream, because you can use it in between dips and shampoos to focus in on trouble spots. Its now been about a month since I started treating Bandita and she appears to be ringworm free (though I’m doing quick checks with the black light to be sure).

Ringworm can be a PAIN for pet owners, and especially foster parents who are caring for large numbers of cats and kittens. Acting fast when you first see signs of it, and being consistent, is the key to quick recovery. Also be sure to wash all pet bedding in hot water with a splash of bleach, and wash your hands after handling an infected animal. Prevention is the key!

Here are some of the Healthy Paw Life products I review in this video:

Classic’s Lime Sulfur Dip:
Classic’s Lime Sulfur Pet Skin Cream:
Classic’s Lime Sulfur Pet Shampoo:
Classic’s Lime Sulfur Cream + Lime Sulfur Spray Bundle:

* I received no monetary compensation from Healthy Paw Life, only free product to try and honestly review.

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